Senior Web Analytics Seminar in Singapore

Sat, 15 Nov 2014 12:00 - Sat, 29 Nov 2014 17:00

TKP Conference Center Raffles Place

55 Market Street #03‐01, #09‐02 Singapore 048941

Toshiaki Ejiri Bala + 26 more participants

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Time and Date

Day 1: November 15th (Sat) 13:00 - 18:00
Day 2: November 29th (Sat) 13:00 - 18:00

Now that you have learned the basics of web analytics, why not considering our advanced course?

The role of the discipline of consulting on web analytics does not end in areas such as data-driven planning, effectiveness of mobile reach and social media measurement. It can be developed further with our extended and systematic learning curriculum

All participants are required to watch a video before the training session starts

Day 1. Web Analytics Strategy

Analysis of current situation

  • Communication design
  • Qualitative information gathering
  • Project forum
  • Web marketing analysis

Business modeling and new measures

  • Understanding user communication
  • Organization role
  • Business positioning
  • Definition of new measures


  • KPI examples from 4 websites
  • Three perspectives for KPI definition

Web analytics by design

  • Extent of data acquisition
  • Conversion definition
  • Four steps to choose the right tools
  • Information security and web analytics
  • Multi-device analysis
  • Definition of social media analysis
  • Defining five essential tools in advance
  • Hearing sheet for web analysis

Web marketing plan

  • Three types of planning integration methods

Comments and time-limited practical analysis

Report design

  • Definition of reporting items
  • Definition of agenda
  • Freehand sketching

Time-schedule definition

  • Calendar example
  • Observation of daily progress
  • Daily use of auxiliary functions in favor of regular observation
  • Observation of weekly progress
  • Summary of weekly progress

Time-series analysis

  • Six points for daily analysis
  • Effective timely analysis

Comment writing

  • Daily/Timely analysis (practice)
  • Observation of daily progress
  • Summary of monthly progress

Reporting challenges

  • Web marketing plan Creation of plan to turn a money-losing business into a profitable organization in six months. Two sets in A3 paper size submitted to instructor prior 2nd day of training.
  • Access analysis report

Day 2. Discovery based on analysis and methods for improvement

Feedback session
Feedback of report assignment at end of day 1

Data-driven discoveries

Basic web analysis

  • Four faces of basic web analysis
  • Examples of user analysis
  • No-referrer. Challenges and solutions
  • Search engines. Their market share and challenges.
  • Understanding user value from referrers
  • Social media measurement example
  • Focus on search phrases
  • Finding winning keywords
  • Challenges of the browsing start page
  • Start pages and what to fix for increased efficiency
  • Improving linear design
  • Improving other, most navigated pages on website

Custom-tracking based analysis

  • Campaign evaluation by parameters
  • Measurement using event handlers
  • A/B Testing

Analysis by user experience

  • Thinking from concept diagram
  • Customer modeling in goal perspective
  • Multi-device, off-line analysis modeling
  • Customer definition data modeling with web analytics

Micro Analysis

  • Alternative ways of user profiling analysis
  • Host/Organization analysis
  • Business development through micro analysis
  • Examples of micro analysis
  • Three stances of micro analysis

How is it to be an advanced web analytics consultant?

Duties of the senior consultant

  • Certification application flow
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Information sharing and support
TKP Conference Center Raffles Place
55 Market Street #03‐01, #09‐02 Singapore 048941
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