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About Web Analytics Consultants Courses

In the courses, we will build your digital marketing skills to maximize profit not only by analysing access analytics data but also by analysing your target customer, whole business process, your competitor, and other various aspects related to your business. There are 3 levels of certificated courses, Web Analytics Consultant, Senior Web Analytics Consultant and Web Analytics master.

Web Analytics Consultant Senior Web Analytics Consultant Web Analytics Master
You will learn basic web marketing and web analytics skills to utilize them for sales, production, development or business efficiency. Throughout the exercises during sessions, you become able to learn how to explain and tell a story with data to persuade clients with proposals. If you finish this course, you can open original courses as an instructor for Beginner and Senior Web Analytics Certification courses. We will teach you teaching method of WACA through exercises.

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Web Analytics Consultants Association (WACA)

Our mission is to promote and raise the overall level of the web analytics industry by continuously creating opportunities for people to learn, discuss, and pass on their web analytics knowledge. We aim to create a community through web analytics which will drive business success, research and development, personal career development, and employment opportunities.


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We had web analytics events 3 times in Singapore on September 2014!!!

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Past events

Saturday, November 15, 2014
28 participants
55 Market Street #03‐01, #09‐02 Singapore 048941 TKP Conference Center Raffles Place

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